Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hey Harley

Soooo, Suicide Squad. My goodness it was insane! This movie is delightfully cheeky with a cast of charming, entertaining villains.  Harley Quinn stands out as my favorite. and when I went to see the movie this week, I had to channel her. But just her style. That girl is cray cray. I loved how she was dressed completely wrong for a fight, but that was all part of her allure. I referenced her traditional color scheme of black, white, and red, with my stripes, boots, and red lip. I borrowed her hairstyle from the film and even though her blond locks are dipped half blue and half pink, I figured I was halfway there. It felt good! I stood a little taller, and walked a little fiercer! In my head I was like, Yeah I can kick butt. Sometimes, that's all you need. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

My Holy Dress

I took these pictures in late June while I was visiting a close friend in Chicago. Having bought this Topshop dress earlier that day, I have worn it countless times since. Most recently I wore it to class. Class starts at 8:30 in the morning. Class ends at 2:45. During class we walk around. I go to the library. I see lots of people. So I beg to question, who saw my tush during the day? Because this dress decided to be unfaithful and rip a hole in the back seam exposing said tush, and I only discovered this fact at 2:50 that afternoon. So. (Don't worry, the dress has been forgiven and went into surgery this morning and is currently recovering from a well concealed seam of stitches.) I am going to the beach this weekend to visit family and this outfit is coming with me. I just pray that this time, I stay in one piece. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My New Friends and I

Today, some friends and I went and walked around before class and I asked Alysh to take my picture for the Cloud Ten. I saw this nice sunny sidewalk and was like, YES! Oddly, I seemed to think that the innocent citizens of the sidewalk would just disappear and I would have nice cute photos of just Thor and I. No. So I decided to name my new friends: 
 This is Todd. We're best friends now. 
 My girl Pam, rocking the vest, and sweet Clarisse next to her. 
 Bye Felicia! Have a good day girl! 
 My boy Derek. 
These already have a name

Friday, July 15, 2016

100 Posts...Whhaaaaat??

In honor of 100 posts, I went back and gathered my favorite and my least favorite posts from the last four years. I have come a long way, that's all I'll say. 


Not So Great:

First question to little me: Why the ladder? Why did you think that was a good idea? 
Also, my photography skills were lacking so I'll be gentle to young, naive, little me. It's ok sweetie, it will get better. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

New Pants and New Beginnings

Since I have last posted, I have moved to Los Angeles for a new program at school and am currently on day 6 of new life! A few days ago was the first day of classes and this was my outfit. I sported some suede-y, high waisted, culottes; a striped blouse with a lace cutout in the back; and some wooden and leather platform heels. I loved this because, first of all it was super comfy. The pants, which I got at Urban outfitters outlet for $10.00! The high waisted is very flattering and you just look like a lady boss when you pair them with a button down. I was very weary of the culottes trend because to me, they initially looked very unflattering with the wide leg and shorter hem. However, the fit in these sold me and I actually think the length is rather flattering! The outfit sticks to the rule of thirds, and the slim fit through the hips makes sure there is not too much volume. The blouse is thrifted from Buffalo Exchange and the heels are from T.J. Maxx. 

Since moving out on my own, I have had some ups and downs emotionally but I am overall really excited for this new chapter of life. But enough gushy crap, everyone leaves home sooner or later so I will be fine! Some things I have picked up and received advice about have been really helpfull (thanks Jessica!). Here we go: 

1) Make my bed every morning. This may sound like a no-brainer, but having my bed all tidy makes the room look so much nicer and pulled together. For me, it doesn't work to be carelessly messy so this little thing goes a long way. 

2) Get dressed right when you wake up. Often at home, I would either stay in my pajamas for most of the morning or immediately change into workout/lounge wear to do things at home. It was helped so much to just put on at least jeans and a fresh tee shirt and a little bit of makeup. Before, I would wait until I actually had to leave the house to wear something a little nicer and do my makeup. Now, I just feel better about myself and am ready to go! 

3) Stretch your food. I realized that if I make a big portion of my diner at night, I can take it for lunch tomorrow and maybe even have it for dinner again the next night. I know that sounds repetitive but it actually has been really helpful to cut time in the kitchen. (And although, my roommates have not said anything yet, I do spend a LOT of time in the kitchen as it is!)  For instance, the other day I made a kale salad from a bag mix from Trader Joes, some quinoa, and 2 pieces of chicken with taco seasoning. That night I had little bits of each, separate on my plate. Next day for lunch, I layered it all and made a salad. I had some salad left over, so for dinner I heated up some corn tortillas with cheese and put the salad in the there for tacos! So good. 

So these are some things that are new to me. I would love to hear any advice you have! 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

This Jumpsuit

When I tried this Topshop jumpsuit on at Nordstrom Rack, I instantly loved it. We had a connection. As the cotton fabric slipped over my skin, I felt that we were created for each other. Sadly, our love was not approved by all. "No. It's terrible," my mother stated. She had taken me shopping and she was buying, so I felt the pressure of swaying her approval. "It looks like a couch at Nana's house. No." I was not about to give up. 

"But Mom I love him! - it! I really love it! It's so comfy and I happen to love the print." Few times have I really and truly fought my mother on anything, and this was one of those times. "Mom. You could buy me something that I kind of like that I won't wear, or you could buy me this. Something that I am passionate about! Please!" I begged. 

Reluctantly, she sighed and said, "Alright. Fine." 

Sooo thanks Mom! 

Friday, February 26, 2016

She Called it Wild Orchid

I fulfilled a dream that has been brewing for about a year now, and it rocks!! I love being a pink haired gal. My stylist calls it Wild Orchid. I have to agree. I also got braces! It was a big weekend.